Brand Consistency Encourages a Positive Outlook

Many businesses have found the time over the recent months of uncertainty and flux to reflect on how their brand is seen and perceived by the public, clients and prospective clients and have been making changes big and small, be that updating websites to show how businesses, services and ways of working have changed or taking the opportunity to refresh the whole look and feel of their brand.

With many clients seeking a fresh look and a new perspective it has been lovely to work with businesses that are once again looking to the future.

While the online profile is thought about often it can be easy to forget the bricks and mortar offices and workplaces making sure that the signage on them reflects your business and its new online identity, this week saw a local firm update the signage on their workplace and its fresh new sign feels like a reintroduction to the world showing that the company which has continued to go from strength to strength, at its best and it’s also giving a really positive and uplifting vibe for the whole team, something we could all use right now!

Have you made changes in your business and now need to make that consistent on your online and offline profiles? or perhaps you feel it’s time for change to get your motivation back on track.

If you would like any help with your digital marketing get in touch and our team will get to know you and your business well so that we can help to make your plans and ideas into a unified reality.