The Google My Business App is History.

Google My Business App Changes

In case you haven’t heard, Google My Business is changing. Don’t worry, your business will still be on Google search results the way it was before, but you’ll no longer access your business profile via the Google My Business App. Instead, small businesses with less than 10 listings will access it directly via Google Search results pages or the Google Maps App. Easy! Oh, and it’s now called “Google Business Profile Manager”.

Why is the Google My Business App going, and what does it mean for small business owners?

The app is still available for now but will be inaccessible later this year. That means Google has essentially cut out the middleman in managing business profiles by giving access through existing interfaces for a more streamlined experience.

Rest assured that change won’t impact how clients and customers find you on Google or affect the messages that you send and receive on your business listing and will only change how you access your business profile to manage and edit updates.

How to find and edit your business on Google

There are several ways to access your Business Profile:

Direct URL: go to and sign in (best when using a desktop device)

Google Search “my business”: type “my business” into the google search bar and click “manage your business profile” (best when using a desktop device)

Google Search *your business name*: You can also type the name of your business name into the search bar and click “edit your business information” on the profile summary to the right of the screen (best when using a desktop device)

Google Maps App: Find your business on Google Maps and manage/edit from here (best when using a mobile device)

Don’t have the app? Free and easy to download why not get ready and start using the Google Maps App now.

Download it for Android

Download it for Apple

Confused? Google thoughtfully made a video explaining all of this.

If you prefer to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, here is a short video from Google that tells you about the changes and how you can access your business profile for your business listing now and moving forward in the future as the changes happen;

Watch it here

How to add or claim your Business Profile on Google

If your business is not on Google or you haven’t claimed it as your own, here’s another video tutorial explaining how to get started and make the most of your online business profile in google search.

Let’s get your name out there!

We hope that clears things up and settles any worries you had about Google My Business. The web2market team are always on hand to help our clients through changes like this, do give us a call if you need any help or support.

We highly recommend getting your business profile on Google as a crucial part of any Digital Marketing Strategy to help more customers find you and your services quickly and easily right there in the search results even if you don’t have a website yet.

Not a client yet?

Don’t worry we are still happy to help, Get in touch and let us know what we can support you with and if we can help streamline and amplify your digital marketing to get you the results you are looking for!