Bringing visitor Data to Life

Visitor data is not a new concept and we have long been advocates of getting as much data as possible on your visitors’ journey through your website and purchase process as possible, with the help of free tools such as Google Analytics, to help make decisions on what works and what doesn’t in terms of getting a visitor to convert to a customer, but how can we make this data mean more to us and help us to make qualified decisions about changes we could make to our website to improve its conversion rate? By looking over their shoulder?……

There are many tools available to help you make more sense of your analytics data and help you to get a better view of your visitors’ journey, one of these, and a favourite of ours is Hotjar. While many alternative providers offer a similar service we find that Hotjar is easy to use, offers a great free account to get you started and by only adding a small piece of code to your site allows you to hit the ground running.

Two of the most insightful features offered by Hotjar, which are available as part of a free account but are only in limited samples, are Visitor Recordings and Heat Maps. These features allow you to take a look at the visitors’ journey and experience what they do as if you were looking over their shoulder as well as giving you information about how a group of visitors’ behaved on your site so that you can better understand how much of your site they actually look at, where they paused and if they seem to find what they were looking for.

Visitor Recordings

See what your users see – Eliminate guesswork with Recordings of real visitor behaviour on your site. By seeing your visitors’ clicks, taps and mouse movements you can identify usability issues on the fly and issues they encounter.


The “real-time” data that you are seeing in these videos gives you a much deeper understanding of your visitors’ behaviour than the web stats you may have from analytics providers such as Google Analytics alone and this 3D view can help you to make some informed changes to your site to help you identify road blocks in your customers journey that may be blocking them from making a purchase.

Of course, it is important to remember that each journey is individual and reaching any conclusions about behaviours on your site being replicated and driving a result, you will need to watch many of your recorded journeys. Hotjar does allow you to tag playback videos and filter your views by pages seen etc to help you to target a specific behaviour pattern but be prepared to be strict with the time you spend watching over and over again how your visitors use your site, or be prepared to lose a day to it!

Heat Maps

Visualise behaviour – Understand what users want, care about and do on your site by visually representing their clicks, taps and scrolling behaviour – which are the strongest indicators of visitor motivation and desire.

Getting a view of how key pages on your website are seen and used by potential customers allows you to make sense of their behaviour:

Did the visitor click on the “Buy Now” or “More info” button on your site that led to the same product page?

Did your visitor look at the news items that are listed at the bottom of your home page?

Was the mobile version of my site easy to see, use and navigate or did the visitor seem to be searching for a long time before clicking on anything?

While one set of data alone can give you a “view” in order to consider the journey and the experience you are giving to your potential customers you need to see the bigger picture, you need to walk in their shoes and see the data come alive. Creating a free account with Hotjar is easy and with our help to add the code to every page of your site you can be looking at your visitor journey data in 3D today.

Creating a free account with Hotjar is easy and with our help to add the code to every page of your site you can be looking at your visitor journey data in 3D today.

If you would like to talk to us about how we can help to implement your Hotjar code or how we can help you to get more data from your site and interpret it into actionable insights to increase conversions, please do get in touch, you can call me directly on 01480 878510 or email me at [email protected]