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Case Studies


  • Market share growth
  • Raise credibility & professionalism
  • Increase sales
  • Reduce duplication of work


  • Strategy & Planning
  • Brand & Logo
  • Web Design & Build
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Content
  • Marketing


  • 25% increase in boat sales
  • Time efficiencies achieved
  • Realising cost reductions
  • Professional & modern design raises credibility
Marlex Marine

Business Requirements

Marlex Marine operates a pro-active boat brokerage service based at Buckden Marina under the name of Boatinland. They also repair, maintain and look after the marina's engineering requirements for over 200 privately owned boats.

They required a more professional website for sales; to showcase and promote second hand boats. A striking design was also required to surpass those of the competition.

Our Solution

We designed an innovative modern website to grow brand credibility, clearly showcasing the boats for sale and positioning Boatinland as the premier boat brokerage for inland waterway craft.

An intuitive content management system (CMS) allows easy editing which has freed up resources for other business promotion activities. Instant news and information updates keep customers informed.

Costs have been significantly reduced with the facility to print boat details straight from the website and a boat feed which automatically uploads the boat listing information to several lead generation websites, saving hours of duplicated work.

Outcomes and Benefits

The new website has allowed Boatinland to enter new markets, increase its market share, build brand credibility and halve the time it takes to market each boat.

Our search optimised website architecture has dramatically improved search engine visibility, helping to achieve market growth objectives.

With a 25% increase in sales on the previous year, our fully scalable solution allows an unlimited number of boats to be displayed which will let Boatinland continue to prosper in a buoyant market.


We partnered with web2market, a local web design agency whose experience and expertise allowed us to make informed decisions and utilise technology to save time and increase sales. They created a beautiful new design and a strong platform which allowed us to extend our boat brokerage reach across the UK. A friendly team that never fail to deliver.

Philip Rogers, Director, Marlex Marine Technology

Telephone 01480 878 510 Email [email protected]