Musk Process Services, part of the Edwin James Group, and previously known as Peme have been partnered with web2market for many years now and we have worked with them on everything from Website Design. Build, Maintenance and Development to Brochure Design and Creation and also SEO, PPC Management, Online Reputation and Digital Marketing Strategy.

Since joining the group there have been many changes and so to help get the message to potential clients about their services and not just the brand name change Musk Process Services wanted to find a way to highlight the services that they have been providing for years but are perhaps not as well known for. This led to the decision to build a service-based website that highlighted the benefits of working with Musk and the definable differences of how partnering with them would help to provide continuous improvement starting with their Condition Based Monitoring services.

A key part of this project is the measurement and being able to “prove the value” of adding the service-based website to the digital marketing strategy and so Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics have been vital additions to the site as well as regular feedback from the team at Musk on enquiry quality and quantity.

Along with the strategic creation of the service-based website with a strong SEO focus we continue to provide PPC management, Digital Marketing reporting and advice and Website Maintenance and Development services and hope to continue to work with Musk Process Services for many more years to come.