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Information Architecture

If you have a lot to communicate with your audience, arriving at the best way to share that information and organise that information is the role of the information architect. Broadly speaking, the output from the information review and planning is the "website map" leading to the page features and intra site links.

Smaller websites often require only limited consideration to be given to this topic, resulting in small website maps and uncomplicated menu systems.

Larger websites on the other hand, require more careful thought to be given to the website visitors' access and routes to the information or products provided. Analysis of user experiences, consideration of several different types of user and their objectives allows the information architect to properly take account of their needs. In this way each visitor will have a successful experience on the website. This work serves to maximise the effectiveness of the website to achieve its goals.

What are the benefits?

Well they depend upon the nature of the site and the objectives. If it is a sales site, then it will increase conversions. If it is an information site, then it will ensure that the visitors find what they need. If it is a customer service site, then it will reduce service calls and so on...

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