Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

We have noticed that over the last 5 years the number of visitors to our clients’ sites using a mobile device has typically gone from 5% to 45%, If you are like us and frequently review the visitors to your own website, you will also have noticed this change.

For many companies this increase in mobile traffic presents a big challenge and means that their website may not be suitable for a changing audience and that for this audience, the website is really hard to navigate around and possibly one to avoid!

What If your mobile audience makes up 45% of your visitors?…

Test your website

Some of our clients have responded to the growing mobile audience and have renewed their website to make sure it works well with mobile devices, if you haven’t and would like to test your website, you can use a free check tool from Google.

Feedback from the tool looks like this.

A result for a responsive website

Why don’t you test your website today and see just how mobile friendly you are?

Test your website on the free mobile friendly test tool.

Your Results?

If the website you tested is indeed mobile friendly, no action is required, but if it failed the test then it is probable that your business is losing visitors because they find the website hard to use.  Your visitors are literally giving up!  The Google tool tells you how to fix the issues, but it may seem complicated.

What can be done about this lost audience?

Every website and every business is different.  Some businesses we work with choose to make simpler changes to the website to achieve a better experience for their mobile visitor, some create a different website for mobile users and some choose to renew the main website so that it works well on mobiles.  If they opt to renew the website they also have an opportunity to address any other issues that may have needed attention i.e. a change in business direction or focus.

We are very experienced at creating mobile friendly websites and will work with you to find the solution that is appropriate for your website and of course for your business, so please feel free to get in touch with us to talk through the options available.

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