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The benefit of the PPC Marketing or Pay Per Click advertising, on channels such as Google Ads, as part of your digital marketing strategy is that of control; control of your budget, control of what is said about your business, control of where it is seen and control of the versatility of how you present your business.

As businesses have more ways to approach their targeted audience:

  • Search Engine text adverts on Google Ads have grown in size and have many add-ons, extra links and call out messaging options that can increase your real estate to almost half of the results page!
  • Video adverts can now be targeted to show videos that are related to the product and service that you are promoting, these work especially well on social media platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn.
  • Google Ads Shopping adverts are targeted to those searching for your products and have made comparison shopping easier than ever and can highlight your products above competing free product listings.
  • Banner & Image ads have never looked so good or so easy to create and can make huge impact statements seen regularly on YouTube and display or content network sites with remarketing strategies.
  • Social media paid ads demographics focus on your target audience making getting in front of your potential clients ever easier.

Only paying for actual visits to your website in a pay per click way gives a great opportunity to achieve better ROAS and ROI of your digital marketing budget.

Are you making the most of this opportunity?

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web2market has been successfully providing PPC management services for clients in and around the Cambridge, Peterborough and Huntingdon area of Cambridgeshire for over 20 years and are now working with clients across the UK & Europe.

We offer a Paid Advertising Campaign Creation, PPC Optimisation, Google Ads Management and PPC Audit & Review services to assess and improve the effectiveness of your existing PPC Campaigns as either a stand-alone service or as part of our retained Digital Marketing & PPC Management services.

We have repeatedly reduced client spending by up to 90% while increasing sales by over 30% with our PPC Campaign Management.

Improving your advert copy, organising your keywords into higher performing ad groups, trimming poorly performing keywords and reviewing the quality and Google Ads Quality Score for your campaigns, are just some of the strategies we employ to increase click-through rates, reduce cost per click and lower cost per acquisition to create better outcomes for your PPC Campaigns.

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