Stencil Tech Products

Already a thriving local business Stencil Tech provide patterned concrete Driveways all across the UK, with the popularity of decorated concrete surface on the rise an alternative to block paved or tarmac driveways and paths they now offer the home improver the ability to buy the tools and materials they need to create and maintain their own drieways through the Stencil Tech online shop.

Although a shop site already existed it was difficult to use and update and after years online had never had any success in getting sales off the ground. As web2market had already helped to create the StencilTech website on the WordPress platform we were asked to help create a more inviting, easy to use and Google friendly shop to run alongside it.

Using the WordPress and Woocommerce platform we recreated the shop to be able to not only sell the tools and materials needed for creating decorative concrete driveways but also to showcase the latest products available from Stencil Tech inclusion their Crystalseal and Fence for Life ranges.

Once the online shop was live attention was then turned to SEO across the site for better ranking and visibility, PPC advertising and Shopping Ads to quickly allow access to the products and enable price comparison to other sites and training the team at Stencil Tech on how to maintain and update their site which has been going from strength to strength since its launch.

Testimonial from Stencil Tech Products

The page looks great, we are getting some good quality inquiries so keep up the good work 👍