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Good Visibility and Page One Ranking of your content on Search Engines (SEO) will mean that all of the hard work of creating an appealing website with an on-target message will drive pre-qualified audiences to your business – sounds easy right?

Great Digital Marketing starts long before you even conceive your website and as an integral part of your digital strategy and planning, SEO should be driving your key decisions.

Taking time to consider how you want to be seen in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP), how you would like your business to be found, what the relevant places for your business to be seen are and how you want that to look, can help to form your sitemap and will drive decisions on the content of your website.

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Getting SEO Right, from Day One

Many businesses find that once they have their website built, they are happy with the aesthetics of it and feel it’s modern, fresh and just what they are looking for it’s then that they wonder why the visitor numbers are not what they expected. SEO is then deployed as a way to improve performance, recommendations for adding more product or local content, including more key terms or increasing page load speeds are taken on board and before you know it the layout, the look, feel and balance of the website has changed and the love is lost.

So we like to get it right from the beginning – let’s talk about how to reach your target market from the start, let’s know what we are looking to achieve and let it drive your Digital Marketing success.

web2market has been successfully providing SEO and Digital Marketing services for clients locally, in and around Cambridge, Peterborough and Huntingdon, as well as across the UK and Europe for 23 years.


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